Episode 011 How You Can Support Someone Suffering With Depression

In this episode, Jodie discusses ways you can support someone who may be suffering from depression. From encouraging them to communicating. She also shares her self care tip of the week as always

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Episode 010 An Interview With Dr. Regine Muradian

In this episode, Jodie talks to Dr. Regine Muradian about lockdown restrictions, mental health in the media, and mental health in teens and children. We also talk about Regine’s book, Franky and the Worry Bees.

Dr. Regine Muradian is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, author, mental health advocate and mother based in Los Angeles, CA. 

You can find Dr. Regine Muradian here:
Franky and the Worry Bees

You can read more about mental health here:

Mindfulness Apps to check out:
Mindful USC

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Episode 007 How To Center Yourself When You Feel Stressed Or Anxious

Join Jodie for episode 7 of How Do You Mind where she discusses how we can all center ourselves when we feel stressed or anxious. From conscious breathing to ASMR videos, learn how you can center yourself today.

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Episode 006 How You Can Get A Better Sleep

In this week’s episode of How Do You Mind, Jodie talks about how sleep affects us and how we can all get a better night’s sleep. Whether it’s meditation or reading a book Jodie covers gives advice on many different ways you can find a good nights sleep.

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Episode 003 How To Lessen Deadline Stress

In this week’s episode, Jodie gives advice on how you can get rid of some deadline stress you may be feeling from work, uni, or even just within the home. She also thanks everyone who’d been listening to the podcast so far and explains why she may not have any guests on for a while.

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