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Episode 015 – How You Can Save Money By Shopping Sustainably

A short documentary about how you can save money by shopping sustainably.If you’ve been worried about your shopping habits and looking to help the environment a bit, but save money at the same time, this is the podcast episode for you.Check out how you can (save money on your weekly shop) over on my blog: ( you to everyone involved in this short documentary. Support this podcast

Episode 014 – How Photo Filters Can Afect Body Image

This episode is a documentary about how photo filters can affect body image in young people. Is it an issue with the social media companies, our usage, or us not reaching out for help? Where can we go for help?Find me:www.howdoyoumind.comwww.jodiepaterson.com ( you to my guests for this episode:Katja WatsonJody Timms – ( )and Hope Virgo – @HopeVirgo, @HopeVirgo_, ( Support this podcast

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